Этническая политика в странах Балтии / ред. В.В. Полещук, В.В.Степанов; Ин-т этнологии и антропологии им. Н.Н. Миклухо-Маклая РАН. – М. : Наука, – 2013. – 407 с. – ISBN 978-5-02-038044-8 (в пер.).

Ethnic Policies in the Baltic States / Eds. V.V. Poleshchuk and V.V. Stepanov. Moscow: Nauka, 2013. 407 P. ISBN 978-5-02-038044-8

This book in Russian provides a systemic overview of ethnic policies in the Baltic States with the emphasis on the challenge posed by the ethnic Russian population. For this purpose, the book highlights the influence of Soviet nationalities policy, impact of state restitution and concepts of historical memory. Demographic trends of the Russian population in the region are assessed on the basis of statistical data. Special attention is granted to the analysis of Baltic ethnic policies by Russian and Western academics, the European Union and the Council of Europe experts. The book also highlights trends in minority labour market participation, policies of immigration and analyses the impact of Baltic language policies on protest mobilisation of minority communities in the region.

The book is first-of-its-kind in the Russian language and brings a set of distinguished experts on Baltic ethnic policies from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and the Western European countries. It targets a wide readership: ethnologists, historians, and political scientists in academia, as well as university researchers and students.

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SUMMARY in English

About the AUTHORS (in Russian)


Valery Tishkov, Valery Stepanov

Opening Remarks: European Minorities and Politicised Myths in the Baltic Context   9

Vadim Poleshchuk

Russians in the Baltic Political Discourse   24

Priit Järve

Soviet Legacies and Ethnopolitics of the Baltic States   39

Vadim Poleshchuk, Aleksejs Dimitrovs

Continuity as a Basis for Statehood and Ethnic Policies in Estonia and Latvia   64

Ilja Nikiforov

Historical Memory Policies in the Baltics: Experiences of the Past and the Current State of Affairs   92

Ilja Nikiforov, Vadim Poleshchuk

The Demography of Estonian Russian Population in the 20th  Century   155

Vladislav Volkov

Demographic Composition of the Russian Population in Latvia in the 20th–21st  centuries   177

Andrius Marcinkevičius

Ethnic Russians in Independent and Soviet Lithuania: Demography, Social Status and Identity   197

Jelena Helemäe

Social-economic Transformations in Estonia   219

Tatyana Bogushevitch

Protest Mobilisation of the Russian-speaking Minority in Latvia   236

Timofey Agarin

From  One  Union  to  Another:  Western  Academia  on  Baltic  Ethnic Policies on the Threshold of the EU   258

Dimitry Kochenov

The EU and Ethnic Policies: the Case of Latvia and Estonia   294

Boriss Cilevics

Impact of the Council of Europe on Ethnopolitical Issues in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia   323

Brigita Zepa

Discourse of Formation of the Migration Policies in Latvia   343

Andrey Berdnikov, Deniss Hanovs

Academic Discourse in Russia on Ethnic Politics in the Baltic States   359

Vadim Poleshchuk

Conclusion   376


Vadim Poleshchuk, Legal Information for Human Rights, Estonia

Valery Stepanov, Institute of  Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences