Hotline service
1. Does LICHR provide assistance to victims of unequal treatment?

LICHR maintains the hotline (64 64 263) for victims of discrimination and other violations of fundamental rights. Legal counselling is provided every day (except for weekends), also  in English.


2. If a person is not sure that s/he has became a victim of discrimination…

S/He will be forwarded to another relevant organisation/institution. Victims of other human rights violations will be counselled by phone or in person.


3. What groups are not covered by the LICHR hotline?

Representatives of any social or ethnic groups can address LICHR.


4. Who will cover financial risks and procedural expenses in discrimination cases?

It depends. In discrimination cases LICHR will provide for free counselling and legal aid as well as representation in court.  However, clients are normally supposed to cover all other expenses.


5. Does Estonia have specific laws on non-discrimination?

The Law on Gender Equality was adopted in Estonia in 2004. The Law on Equal Treatment is valid from 1 January 2009. The latter law covers discrimination on the grounds of ethnic or racial origin, colour, age, disability, religion or belief and sexual orientation. The Estonian constitution bans discrimination on any ground.