Лариса Семёнова





Name:                           Larissa Semjonova

Year of birth:           1948

Citizenship:              Estonia

Education:             Graduated in the semi-conductor technology, Tallinn Polytechnic Institute (now Tallinn Technical University), 1972.

Specialisation:        Human & Minority rights, inter-group and inter-ethnic relations; fundraising & capacity building of HR NGOs.

Marital status:        Married.

Membership:           Club of the Prize-winners “Serebranyi Golub” (“Silver Pigeon”) (from 2013);  European Russian Alliance (from 2008);  Representative Council of Estonian NGO Roundtable (Umbrella NGO) (2001-2003); United People Party (Estonia) ( 1994 – 2005); NGO Representative Assembly of Russian-speaking Population  in Estonia (1993 – 1994); NGO Russian Democratic Movement (1991 – 1993); Debating Club of Russian Intelligentsia “Referendum” (from 1989 – the President of Club) (1988 – 1991); Estonian Communistic Party (1987 – 1990).

 Key qualifications

 Mrs. Semjonova has for many years specialised in semi-conductor technology in the Thermo & Electro Physics Institute of Academy Science of ESSR and in the Tallinn Electrical Engineering Enterprise. Later she has specialised as economist in the Estonian Energy Maintenance Board (Estonenergoremont) and in the State Statistic Committee of the Estonian Soviet Social Republic (ESSR) and in the Estonian Civil Aviation Board.

 After the restoration of Estonia’s independence, she has worked in the field of inter-ethnic relations and human rights and minority rights as one of the founder of and participant in several non-governmental organisation and movements, such as Russian Democratic Movement of Estonia, Representative Assembly of Russian-Speaking Population in Estonia, Legal Information Centre for Human Rights (LICHR), Estonian Human Rights Association.

 At present, she works as Executive Director at the Legal Information Centre for Human Rights – LICHR (1994-1996 she was Director of the LICHR). Her activity helped to improve the LICHR capacity and sufficiency of its work, and to establish a pattern of co-operation with a number of human rights organisations and institutions: the Danish Centre for Human Rights, the Norwegian Institute of Human Rights, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, and others. She also has kept regular working contacts with the several international and national organisation going in the human rights fields, such as UN Human Rights Committee, office of the OSCE High Commissioner on national minorities, the CBSS Commissioner on Human Rights, the Danish Institute for Human Rights, etc.

 Her experience includes staff administration, fundraising, project administration, implementation and reviews. Last years being a member of the European Russian Alliance she takes active part in the European Russian Forums, held in the European Parliament. 

 She has received the public acknowledgements in 1998 (Prize of the Civil Foundation “Blagovest” (Estonia) on Human Rights Protection Activity) and in 2013 ( Medal of Public Acknowledgements “Serebranyi Golub” (“Silver Pigeon”), approved by the International Organization of the Leaders of the World Community).

 Languages:  Russian (mother tongue), English, Estonian


 Projects’ management

2012 – …         Providing the Legal Aid for Russian Compatriots Living in Estonia

2009-2010     Building of the Treatments for Preservation of the Russian Language Education in Estonia through Implementation of the European Nondiscrimination Principals

2003-2004     Handbook on Trafficking in Human Beings and Working Abroad

2002-2011     Legal Aid for Compatriots

2001- 2002    Promotion of the Building of Local Democracy through Dissemination of Human Rights Information and Advocacy: Women’s and Children’s Rights

2001                  Organisation consultation procedure in local NGOs (Estonian Association for Human Rights)

2000 – 2001  Promotion of the Integration in the Estonian Society through Legal Counseling  and Advocacy Activity: the North-Eastern region of Estonia;

2000 – 2001  Promotion of the Building of a Democratic and Civic Society in Estonia through Human Rights Education

1998 – 1999  Annual Exhibition of the Children’s Drawings on the Rights of the Child

1997               About Human Rights by the Language of  Drawing

1994 – 1996 Support for dialogue promoting initiatives in Estonia; Establishment of the Legal Information Centre for  Human Rights


Analytical work

2002 – 2003            Comments to the 2nd Official Estonian Report about the Implementation of Estonia’s obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

2000 – 2001            Comments to the Official Estonia’s Report about the Implementation of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

2000                            Difference in rights between inhabitants of Estonia, which are stated in legislative acts

1995                             Comments to the 1st national Estonian Report about the Implementation of Estonia’s obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights


Publications, presentations

2012              Presentation “The evolution of moral values ​​and human rights in Estonia: the case Yana Toom against the Estonian Security Police”, Brussels

2011             “Elections in Russia and Estonian media”, presentation, Brussels

2008             Presentation “Russian Diaspora in Estonia”, presentation, Luxembourg

2006              Presentation “Implementation of the State program to assist the voluntary resettlement of compatriots, living abroad, to the Russian Federation: expert assessment on the migration intentions of the compatriots living in Estonia”, presentation, Krasnoyarsk

2002             ”Prevention of trafficking in human beings and the arrangement on the job abroad”, handbook,  Tallinn

2001             “Tallinn Integration Programme”, presentation, Tartu

2001             ““Russian Question” in Estonia”, presentation, St.Petersburg 

2001             “Ethnic Minorities in the Context of Public Relations”, presentation, Lubeck

2001             “Statelessness in Estonia”, presentation, Kiev

1996                “On the situation of Russian-speaking minorities in Estonia”, presentation & press-conference, UN, Geneva


Participation in the international events (general)

2012                        6th European Russian Forum, Brussels

2011                         2nd European Russian Youth Forum, Brussels

2009                        3rd European Russian Forum, Brussels

2008                        2nd  European Russian Forum, Brussels

2008                        Roundtable on the Interaction of National Diasporas, Luxembourg

2007                        1st  European Russian Forum, Brussels

2006                         Inter-ministerial meeting of interested executive authorities, executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation on the preparation and implementation issues of the first phase of the State program on assisting the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad  to the Russian Federation, Kranoyarsk

2005                        World Congress of Compatriots, St. Petersburg

2003                        VI Human Rights Network’s General Assembly of the Mediterranean Region, Malta

2002                        The 2nd Annual Baltic CBSS NGO Forum, St. Petersburg

2001                         The World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, Durban, South Africa

2001                         “Legislation on citizenship: the use and development”, International expert workshop, Kiev

2001                        “Ethnic minority in the context of public relations”, scientific-practical seminar, St. Petersburg

1999                         Nordic Symposium “Human Rights: Future Programm”, Oslo

1998                         Annual Session of the Steering Group in the frame of the Regional Conference on the Problems of Involuntary Resettlement in the CIS Countries, Geneva

1998                         “Human Rights: their protection in national level”, international seminar, Belfast

1997                         Meeting of the NGOs Working Group of in the CIS Countries in the frame of the Regional Conference on Forced Resettlement Issues, Moscow

1996                         Regional Conference on the Problems  of Asylums, Returnees, Displaced Persons and Other Forms of Involuntary Resettlement in the CIS Countries and Surrounding Countries, Geneva

1996                         52nd Session of the UN HR Commission, Geneva